Tuesday, February 11, 2014


From London, came Paris. We almost didn't make our flight. I thought for sure this would be our first time missing a flight. The bus we scheduled to take us to the London airport never came. We waited a good 40 min before deciding it was never coming. Luckily there was another bus near by that wanted our business and quickly took us to the airport. We ran to the gate just as everyone was boarding.

Paris was so good to us. I love everything about this place. The architecture was amazing. While walking the streets, look up. There is so much to see. Of course, I was excited to see the typical tourist places and eat nutella creeps (which became a daily occurrence), but what I enjoyed most was exploring the streets and learning more about Parisian charm while on our walking tours. Again, I love them. We did four while we were in Paris.

    ^ if it looks like I am wearing the same outfit in every picture, its because I am. Taylor kept telling me to pack lighter. So I have one pair of shoes, one coat and one scarf. Multiple layers were needed everyday. It was freezing!^

We saved the Eiffel Tower for the last day while we were in Paris. It was pouring rain all day! We did get to take the elevator up, which helped the situation. But it rained the whole time at the tower- which is why there are no pictures of the view. We couldn't see it!
I guess everything can't go as planned.