Sunday, July 14, 2013

i deserve a medal

yesterday a monumental thing happened for me that needs to be documented. I baked cookies that did not suck and were actually really good!  Taylor even admitted it & that means a lot. ( he is too honest sometimes about my cooking/baking skills.)

I bought a couple of chocolate chip cookies at a cafe downtown and was super happy about my purchased when they soon became the best cookies I have ever had. Since then I have not stopped thinking about them. A couple weeks later during my nightly ritual of blog reading, I came across this recipe . I am convinced Sally is a baking genius. They tasted just like the cookies I ate at the cafe- soft, chewy, thick and slightly doughy. All the good qualities a CCC should have. I have never been happier from a baking endeavor. Thank you Sally. I will defiantly bake these again. Not only did I finally bake something tasteful; I learned new baking secrets and how to correctly measure. (I have been doing it wrong this whole time! who knew.)

Conclusion: Make these cookies today & you too will be thanking Sally for posting her recipe on the world wide web after you taste how amazingly good they are.