Friday, April 5, 2013

bike ride

                                                       (don't mind my morning bed head aka looking bald)

The Easter bunny came early & delivered our bikes. Apparently having a bike in Boise, especially in our neighborhood, says a lot about your character. It is the socially acceptable and "cool thing" to do.  Being new comers we had to jump on board. It also doesn't hurt that there are tons of bike trials and this pretty river to ride on. I imagine as summer gets closer the Green Belt, as the locals call it, is going to become greener and more visually appealing. I can't wait.

We tried out our new bikes Saturday morning. There was the perfect amount of sunshine  for a Spring morning and we got in just enough exercise to feel good about our selves for the day. Taylor was getting hot and sweaty in his button up flannel shirt (it is hard being hipster) & I took it as a sign to pack away the heavy winter clothes and welcome spring weather with short sleeves & shoes with no socks.


  1. hahahaha i loled at "its hard to be a hipster" ..poor taylor. too hip for his own good!

    1. i am crossing my fingers you guys drive through Boise this summer on your way to Washington!

  2. haha you guys are hilarious. well, youre well on the path of becoming a boise hipster for sure!