Tuesday, March 5, 2013

finally a valentine's day post

Yes, this what we did all Valentine's day weekend and it couldn't have been better. I wanted nothing more than to sit around all weekend long with Taylor. He has been so busy with work lately I feel like I hardly get to hang out with him anymore. In Hawaii I was use to Taylor  always being able to do anything with me. The perks of working at home. He was always there when I came home from school ( unless he was on his daily surf break) & I loved seeing that smiling face welcoming me home. Now I feel like I'm lucky if I get him a few hours at night.

We went to Taylor's parent's cottage at the Tamarack resort in Idaho. We skied and watched movies and hung out all day with zero internet service. It was the best. Before we left home Taylor put together a scavenger hunt for me to do while he was at work. He would text me pictures of the random places he hid a couple small gifts in our house.  I loved it. Let's have every day be Valentine's day.

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