Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boise Locals

we made it official and now you can now call us Boise locals! We call this cute little star studded place our home. Before we moved, I wasn't very excited to say the least. I mean moving from Hawaii to Boise is a big change in every way! Weather and location being the most obvious. Slowly and gradually I have had a change of heart. We live in a neighborhood filled with old vintage homes. I could spend hours going up and down the streets gawking at every house. Each one could be in a fairy tale. There are several close by parks waiting for summer and bike paths I have been eying. I plan on taking advantage of both.

Now when people ask me how I am liking Boise, I surprise myself by saying "I actually like it!" Trying to explain how picturesque our neighborhood is. This is a big deal for me, bragging about Boise this way.  This summer  I  knew we were going to move here and I kept telling Taylor he had to tell me 10 good things about living in Boise before we move. Well, he got to about number 5 before he started repeating himself. Not a good sign. But here we are and I could probably tell you 10 good things about Boise only being here 1 month. Yup I admit -I might actually like it here.


  1. Hey! Now you know how I feel! Hawaii to Idaho - big change, but they both have their perks:)

    1. Ha seriously! Its rough at the beginning but now its not so bad. I forgot you lived in Idaho, Rexburg, right?

    2. Yah we are in Anacortes, Washington right now cuz Kris has school off but we will be back in September! Are you guys there permanently?

    3. Fun! I am not sure how long he will leave here Taylor is talking grad school so we will see where that leads us.