Thursday, March 14, 2013

a little thailand & some elephants

Well I finally decided to sort through our Asia pictures after being home for 2 months. And this post will most likely be 1 of 10 of the series. The elephants were one of my favorite parts about Thailand. All I could think about before we went to Thailand was riding the elephants. It was on my bucket list, so this was a pretty big deal! For being such a beast, the elephants were very well behaved. They did tricks on demand, were suckers for a banana or sugar cane stick, & a couple smart elephants were pro artists selling their paintings to viewers.

We got to go on a little ride through the jungle & our tour guide must have wanted a big tip with the way he took our camera & started snapping away at us at every angle. I am not complaining cause clearly I am always going to need remember this day.

If only that cute little baby could fit inside our house, I need constant elephant love in my life.

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  1. Ana I love all these pictures!! Audrey and I especially like these elephant ones- so cool!! Jealous of your world travels ! :)