Friday, March 29, 2013

a little DIY

 Before we moved into our house we had zero furniture to our name. We left Hawaii with a couple of suitcases that contained just about everything we owned. It was nice not having to worry about buying furniture or decorating our house for a time. But we moved from dream land & with the help of very generous people we were able to fill up the empty spaces where a couch, bed and dresser should go.

After getting sick of eating dinner on our white couch every night or worried that our couch was not going to be white much longer if we kept eating dinner on it, I bought the above table and chairs off craigslist. With the help of Veronica Mars episodes playing back to back on my computer( this took a long time!) I did those chairs a favor and made them look brand new with the easiest re upholstery method of all time. It also doesn't hurt that the navy polka dots look pretty good with my green kitchen.

 YouTube "upholster kitchen chairs".  Plenty of tutorials will pop up demonstrating the step by step instructions on how to cover your chairs with new fabric. The lady who filmed the tutorial I used had her TV blaring in the background and I still figured it out without hearing half the things she was saying. This project is THAT easy. Usually the people in the tutorial suggest using a staple gun, but I didn't want to buy one so I used push pins to hold the fabric in the back. It takes more time, but it is so much cheaper  and the result will be the exact same.

my first DIY home improvement project was a success. maybe I really am crafty...

Monday, March 18, 2013


 Bangkok was the first stop on the Dame family Thailand trip of a life time. It was extremely hot. Grey probably wasn't my best color pick for the day. But hey what can you do. Before I left my dad kept raving about Bangkok. He's traveled there for work and clearly he was impressed. That got me excited because he claims he hates traveling and going places.. huh.. obviously I didn't inherit my love of travel from him.

The Thai people love their sparkle. The temples were glamorous. The main religion is Buddhism and those are a couple of cute monks in training sitting up there on the stairs. They are all about creating good luck and the portraits of the king & queen placed on every corner are granting people
just that.

We strolled through the streets wandering through temples and the grand palace. It is quite the place and you should see it for your self. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

a little thailand & some elephants

Well I finally decided to sort through our Asia pictures after being home for 2 months. And this post will most likely be 1 of 10 of the series. The elephants were one of my favorite parts about Thailand. All I could think about before we went to Thailand was riding the elephants. It was on my bucket list, so this was a pretty big deal! For being such a beast, the elephants were very well behaved. They did tricks on demand, were suckers for a banana or sugar cane stick, & a couple smart elephants were pro artists selling their paintings to viewers.

We got to go on a little ride through the jungle & our tour guide must have wanted a big tip with the way he took our camera & started snapping away at us at every angle. I am not complaining cause clearly I am always going to need remember this day.

If only that cute little baby could fit inside our house, I need constant elephant love in my life.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

finally a valentine's day post

Yes, this what we did all Valentine's day weekend and it couldn't have been better. I wanted nothing more than to sit around all weekend long with Taylor. He has been so busy with work lately I feel like I hardly get to hang out with him anymore. In Hawaii I was use to Taylor  always being able to do anything with me. The perks of working at home. He was always there when I came home from school ( unless he was on his daily surf break) & I loved seeing that smiling face welcoming me home. Now I feel like I'm lucky if I get him a few hours at night.

We went to Taylor's parent's cottage at the Tamarack resort in Idaho. We skied and watched movies and hung out all day with zero internet service. It was the best. Before we left home Taylor put together a scavenger hunt for me to do while he was at work. He would text me pictures of the random places he hid a couple small gifts in our house.  I loved it. Let's have every day be Valentine's day.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boise Locals

we made it official and now you can now call us Boise locals! We call this cute little star studded place our home. Before we moved, I wasn't very excited to say the least. I mean moving from Hawaii to Boise is a big change in every way! Weather and location being the most obvious. Slowly and gradually I have had a change of heart. We live in a neighborhood filled with old vintage homes. I could spend hours going up and down the streets gawking at every house. Each one could be in a fairy tale. There are several close by parks waiting for summer and bike paths I have been eying. I plan on taking advantage of both.

Now when people ask me how I am liking Boise, I surprise myself by saying "I actually like it!" Trying to explain how picturesque our neighborhood is. This is a big deal for me, bragging about Boise this way.  This summer  I  knew we were going to move here and I kept telling Taylor he had to tell me 10 good things about living in Boise before we move. Well, he got to about number 5 before he started repeating himself. Not a good sign. But here we are and I could probably tell you 10 good things about Boise only being here 1 month. Yup I admit -I might actually like it here.