Tuesday, January 22, 2013

we are tourists

we just got back from Vancouver. Well, really we just got back from Asia, Utah and Vancouver.
The day after Christmas the Dame family was kind enough to whisk us away and send us to Thailand for a family vacation. Best in laws ever. The trip was a dream- more on that later. After 2 weeks in Asia, we flew to Utah and not 24 hours later we were on the road to Idaho to rush up to Canada for a PROOF trade show.

jet lag is not my friend & at this moment neither is Vancouver- sort of.
to say the least we did not have good luck. stolen ski clothes, stolen pizza , a busted window, a wreck and a flat tire.  ignorant tourists not knowing Vancouver was home of the break ins. it was exhausting! i am proud to say we made it home healthy & safe!

even after all that, it is hard to complain when the scenery is breath taking and we got to ski at Whistler. i loved the Whistler winter wonderland.

Now we are in Boise(our new home for a bit) looking for a place to live. The fun never stops....never


  1. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! Traveling is the best. Until the jet lag kicks ya in the rear. xx

    1. thank you! ya we had a blast, but jet lag is defiantly something I do not look forward to.