Sunday, November 4, 2012

birthday boy

26 candles on the cake
dozens of sushi rolls eaten
4 friends to celebrate with
1 awesome birthday celebration

I am so grateful Taylor was born & that I get to be a part of his life. He was spoiled & am pretty sure he enjoyed every second of it. I made a chocolate peanut butter Reese's ice cream cake that could beat any ice cake any day.  I love this boy & am happy I get to celebrate him for a whole day.


  1. Love your blog girly! Looks like you made Taylors bday so much fun! I need to learn your cake recipe before Rains bday! Reese's and ice cream is raineys 2 favorites!
    hugs from provo!

    1. Thanks Elise! The cake is so easy. I got a spring form pan mixed chocolate ice cream with cake bits for the bottom layer & for the top layer I mixed vanilla ice cream, peanut butter & Reese's then put it in the freezer. So good & easy. Hopefully we see you guys sometime in the near future when we are in UT next month.