Thursday, October 18, 2012

a few weeks ago taylor approached with me the idea of starting to run together again.- we first tried when we moved to Hawaii, it lasted for a good two weeks. i am not a runner and would rather do any other type of exercise than run. its hard and boring.. he promised me that if i ran with him for three weeks, i would have a change of heart towards running.

 after two weeks of going four days a week, taylor thought  he was ready for a half marathon. - i thought we were still working towards mile 4.. he ran a half marathon at gun stock ranch two years ago and wanted to do it again. So he did, and did awesome. our friend matt- who is a runner by trade- paced taylor the whole time and like a good friend stayed with him the whole 13.1 miles!
i ran to the finish line from our house to see taylor finish. i was just sweaty enough that no one questioned me as i took my share of drinks from the snack table.

 i am not convinced i like running yet, but it is always a good time when you & your husband are wearing the same length of shorts


  1. hahahaha i love this so much and the last line especially. when i first started reading i thought you were going to lead up to saying you ran a marathon and my heart dropped...not that you couldnt do it i would just be pissed if i didnt know about it sooner. LOVE YOU

    1. ha no.. you and trent are more likely to run a marathon together than taylor and me

  2. haha cute, saw him there he did great!