Monday, October 29, 2012

fall in a bowl

 as you know from reading my last post ( or maybe you don't know) I miss FALL. the clothes, smells, crisp air, leaves... everything. 

in my attempt to feel more fallish & to get in the spirit of the season, I made butternut squash soup. this is comfort food at its finest. I was introduced to this particular soup a few months ago. I have already made it a few times and plan on making it a few more. find the recipe on my friend's food blog feeding chase. It is so good & brings the smell of fall with it. & i just love the color, you can't beat that.  It is fall in a bowl & as close as I will get to it

Sunday, October 21, 2012


it is fall on the mainland & we can't help but be a little jealous that we don't get to enjoy this season. well at least I can't. I love Hawaii but sometimes a little change is good. I just want to drink hot chocolate without sweating profusely.I want eat pumpkin bread from kneaders & their broccoli soup. I want drive the alpine loop admiring the leaves changing colors. someone please do these things for me.

We saw this perfect fall display at whole foods and couldn't resist. Hence the Dame Autumn family photos.

I will still drink hot chocolate a few times a week and cook chili.. we will die with sweat, but it won't matter, cause I wanna enjoy these things in October - the nestle caramel hot chocolate is my new favorite. heat it up with vanilla soy milk... so good. Until December, we will enjoy our last few months of constant sunshine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

a few weeks ago taylor approached with me the idea of starting to run together again.- we first tried when we moved to Hawaii, it lasted for a good two weeks. i am not a runner and would rather do any other type of exercise than run. its hard and boring.. he promised me that if i ran with him for three weeks, i would have a change of heart towards running.

 after two weeks of going four days a week, taylor thought  he was ready for a half marathon. - i thought we were still working towards mile 4.. he ran a half marathon at gun stock ranch two years ago and wanted to do it again. So he did, and did awesome. our friend matt- who is a runner by trade- paced taylor the whole time and like a good friend stayed with him the whole 13.1 miles!
i ran to the finish line from our house to see taylor finish. i was just sweaty enough that no one questioned me as i took my share of drinks from the snack table.

 i am not convinced i like running yet, but it is always a good time when you & your husband are wearing the same length of shorts

Thursday, October 4, 2012

one year

 we did it. we surpassed our one year mark which bumped us from the newly wed category to just wed. & I am ok with that. Newly or not I like being married.

Taylor may deny it but he is a romantic & is full of surprises with with each little celebration we have. Since our anniversary was on a Sunday and clearly booked with the usual church activities as well as the season premiere of Revenge, we celebrated on Saturday. I came home from the gym to find my rose sitting on the counter. My "final rose" & I was more than happy to be treated like the "bachlorette" for a day - we all know how spoiled they are. After a good morning of pumpkin pancakes & the beach we drove to Honolulu.

Taylor made us reservations at a restaurant in Waikiki over looking the ocean & made sure we got there just in time for sunset. It was beautiful! Sandwiched between diamond head & the ocean we were dining happy. And just because it was our anniversary our server gave us all the desserts on the menu to try. It was heavenly.

Before I got married I remember people telling me the first year is always the hardest. I don't know what it is, maybe its the fact we live in Hawaii, have been blessed to travel, our great friends & family or just plain we love each other, but this year has been one of my best so far. Now on to year two & creating another "best".