Friday, September 7, 2012

the rest of Europe

 My Europe saga on the blog has been going on for quite a while. This is picture overload. I can't help it. I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES. The first bit is Switzerland. We stayed in the cutest cottage tucked away on the mt. side. We had the whole village all to our selves and spent the day napping on the lawn and exploring the near by mountain. It was the perfect day. The next morning we took a train to Zurmatt. I never wanted to leave. It was the town straight out of the snow globe. We saw the real Matterhorn. Hiked to a reflection pool & just sat to take it all in. We experienced cheese fondue and of course more chocolate. I loved Switzerland. I would move there tomorrow.

Next stop was Italy. It was an experience all on its own. Hot, humid & crowded. Notice the slick back look I was rocking the whole time there. We started in Milan and moved our way down the country & ended in Rome. Italy was everything I imagined. Gelato, pasta, and gondola rides. What more could I want? I was completely satisfied. The whole time in Rome I wanted to dance in the streets singing, "this is what dreams are made of" from the Lizzy McGuire movie. ( filmed in Rome) I loved the history and touring the Vatican. We even saw the Sistine chapel, which Taylor sneakily took a picture of.

 Europe is everything the pictures books make it to be. Which is exactly the reason my my dad can't fathom the idea of ever going. When I asked why his reply was, "it looks exactly like the books why do I need to see it in person?" Seeing it in person makes the sites real, & made we want to learn more.Go. That is all I have to say & experience the magic of Europe... & take me with you.

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