Friday, September 21, 2012


 Yes I did , I did turn the ever anticipated age of 22.( notice all the peace signs) I was sad to leave 21 behind. It was a good year, we have good run. I got married, traveled and moved back to Hawaii. What was not to love? So far 22 has been off to a great start.

The morning of my birthday- Taylor made me pancakes while I was at the gym.
He showered me with gifts and sent me off the school with a sneaky grin on his face.
Once I came home, we went to turtle beach. It was our lucky day! There were tons of turtles sun bathing and just waiting around to say happy birthday. After the beach he took me to my favorite Thai restaurant and ended the night with friends singing to me and eating oreo ice-cream cake made especially for me from Taylor. What a great guy.I was one happy 22 year old.

That wasn't the end.... it is birthday week around here. The weekend after my day Taylor took me bowling- it's a weird thing we both enjoy.Surprised me a with a shopping trip and took me costco. - we love costco.I had the best day/week. All i have to say is thank you to Taylor, who is the best husband ever! & thank you to my friends who made my day that much better!

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