Sunday, August 12, 2012


 We stayed in Berlin for four days dedicating the time to the trade show for Proof. During those four days my eyes were opened to a whole new world of fashion. Before we left Taylor kept saying " Ana you need to look fashionable and wear nice clothes to the trade show." Pretty sure that was code for leave your uniform of t-shirts and cut offs at home. The booths of the big name fashion brands cost more than my whole college tuition & successfully created a fashion paradise. All the up & coming trends were on display & all i can say is that denim is the new black.
Berlin has so much to offer. There are different sides to Berlin. It's a hip, young, fashionable city with cafes on every corner and chocolate so good I would become obese over. But there is also a serious side of Berlin filled with the memories of WWII and the Berlin Wall. Taylor & I were able to go on a walking tour where we learned about when the communists over took Berlin & their plan to create their messed up perfect world. We visited the Holocaust Memorial & saw bits of the Berlin Wall which still stand. I maybe got to understand about a tenth of what actually happened but left with a richer understanding of the golden rule.

After Berlin we made our way to Fussen. Fussen is the ideal European city in my mind. King Ludwig's castle resides on the top of the hill & there is no prettier sight in the world than the view of that castle against the green rolling hills. If it was my choice, I would live here forever. All I can say is go to Germany. Your life will forever be changed.

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