Sunday, July 29, 2012

just the beginning

I am back. but that is old news, I already have the first two weeks of summer classes behind me. the first few days back were rough. i flew from Rome to Honolulu in less than two days and had to roll out of bed a few hours later to make it to my first class all while suffering from gelato with drawls.
Europe was a complete dream. I was taken from my every day life and transported into a fairy tale filled with cobble stone streets, historical architecture (nonexistent in America) and more pastry shops than I could even handle. These pictures are from our first few days of the trip in Amsterdam, Vienna and Prague.

We had a 6 hour lay over in Amsterdam on our way to Vienna and decided to make the most of it. I learned that the red light district never sleeps and I wanted to stuff as much cheese as I could into taylor's little camera bag.After, we flew to Vienna, went to the opera, paid our respects to Mozart and went to Bolvedere's summer palace. Prague was the best of all. I had just watched the Bachlorette episode of Emily and the boys there and was surprised by how beautiful it looked. ABC did not lie. Prauge is filled with architecture and history I never knew about... ahh take me back


  1. Alright, you guys are the most gorgeous couple ever.

  2. sooo dreamy. love these pictures so much.

  3. sooooo gorgeous. europe (and you).

  4. Ana these pics are so beautiful! I'm so glad you had such a great time... and am a little jealous! :) Good luck this semester- we miss you!