Thursday, June 28, 2012

checking in

lately I haven't figured out where my days have gone. i have been on the mainland for 3 weeks and jumped right back into the rush of everyday living that seems to be nonexistent in Hawaii. things speed by at their own pace here. the anticipated time i had to spend with my family and friends is already over and i pick at my brain remembering all that went on, knowing i wont have those moments again until December. I will be back to my island home in 2 1/2 weeks but before then i will be boarding a plane to Vienna in only a few hours. mine and taylor's clothes are in piles all over the room but our minds are still set to Hawaii mode thinking no rush, no worry, our clothes & tickets will magically appear in that backpack soon... & thinking i have time to write on my blog.
i will be traveling for the next while & can't wait to share all that will go on as I backpack through a few countries in Europe with a great husband and good family.
until then, just look at my cute family and friends, i love them..

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 days until summer

excuse me while i enter the blogging world again. my minor hiatus has been a
combination of family visits, taking finals, my jr. recital and once again no computer. all worth while things.
my awesome parents came to hawaii two weeks ago to support me in my 
junior recital. which consisted of me singing art songs, cabarets and arias for 30 minutes. i felt very fortunate to have the company of my parents at my recital, i know they had to fly along way. and also thanks to all my friends who supported me! it was great to sing to a crowd. after it was over, i thought, wow, i can't wait to do this for a living. metropolitan opera house, here i come!
i can now officially say i am a SENIOR in college.

i am embarrassed to say that after a whole week of fun activities with my parents i have no pictures to show for it. in my defense my mom just got a new camera for her birthday and was excited to use it here, so we let her & my dad do all the picture taking.

but i will leave you with what taylor and i have been up to.

  • on memorial day we went to a floating lantern ceremony.  anyone who wanted, could honor someone that had died by lighting a lantern and releasing it into the ocean. it was a beautiful sight. 
  • last saturday we went to waimea and it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of sunburns to show for it
i have one more final and then its off to utah friday night. 2 more days until summer. regina spektor's new album came out and i already know this is what i am going to be listening to all summer. this is my favorite so far, its a remix of one of her old songs. enjoy!