Wednesday, May 2, 2012

tv stars

we are basically tv stars. we were extras on the TV series Hawaii five-0..even though you can't really see our faces & i had to label the pictures for you to make sure you knew it was us, we obviously have a bright future ahead of us in the film industry. i mean LL Cool J is practically looking at me as i walk by, it doesn't get much better than that. 

i would have to say the high light of my day was being in the same place as Jin, if you watch lost you know who i am talking about. taylor and i have invested a lot of time into that tv show. we are currently on season 6 and it is comsuming our lives. i feel like i am all the characters' best friend, and that Jin would warmly greet me as i appeared on set... he didn't get the memo, but i am hoping when i meet Hurley it will be a different story. 

anyway it was a fun experience, got feed delicious food,  walked past the camera for a good 3 hours, got to be only a few feet away from these cool stars and left knowing a check was on its way.. now i just have to figure out how to make this a full time job!


  1. haha nice, sexy bootay!! glad you guys are working as extras sometimes, thats fun.

  2. Very cool! I thought the last pic was Chris O Donnel for a sec:)


  3. I'm honestly obsessed with this! Can't wait to see you on the cover of People in Hong Kong!

  4. Ana!!!!!!!! Your hiinny is on tv!!!!!!!!!! It's wonderful! I'm so proud of you and your rising stardome!

  5. Your blog is so cute!!! i love it. can't believe you live in hawaii. how amazing!