Sunday, May 13, 2012


our lives have become pretty predictable. we get into a daily routine & hardly stray from it. that could be partly cause i like to have a schedule and i have to stick to it or else i start to feel overwhelmed with all the things i need to get done.. with only taking 3 classes this term i thought i would have more free time right now but no, not really. i am once again stuck in the school groove with daily schedules & feeling the school stress.i am pretty sure the same could be said for Taylor. he is studying for the GMAT. ( the entrance exam for graduate school to get his MBA) and he is one diligent studier. we haven't even watched a "Lost" episode in weeks!

even with that being said we are not deprived from having fun

we lay out in the sun// finally after being here for 5 months we give in & eat pie at Ted's Bakery( we have been waaay too good.) // i got a new computer. my old computer started to smoke & died on the spot. sad day // taylor got the iphone, he is talking to siri & is obsessed//  putting proof stickers every where possible // & we get barreled. sorta...

with it being mother's day today my little brother, Court, who is on a mission in Brazil, got to skype with us! i was so happy to see him & hear how well he is doing. it's such a relief to know these boys are being taken care of & are loving serving the Lord.

the photo is pretty dark, but what can you expect from Brazil? He is a changed man speaking Portuguese & wearing a soccer jersey. 

Since it is Mother's Day I can't leave this post with out saying how much I love my own Mom.
She honestly is amazing. she has sacrificed so much for me & has always been my biggest support & best friend. I could never thank her enough. i am so excited i get to see her in a few days. 
 her & my dad are coming out to Hawaii for my Jr. recital. they are the best. 

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