Sunday, May 13, 2012


our lives have become pretty predictable. we get into a daily routine & hardly stray from it. that could be partly cause i like to have a schedule and i have to stick to it or else i start to feel overwhelmed with all the things i need to get done.. with only taking 3 classes this term i thought i would have more free time right now but no, not really. i am once again stuck in the school groove with daily schedules & feeling the school stress.i am pretty sure the same could be said for Taylor. he is studying for the GMAT. ( the entrance exam for graduate school to get his MBA) and he is one diligent studier. we haven't even watched a "Lost" episode in weeks!

even with that being said we are not deprived from having fun

we lay out in the sun// finally after being here for 5 months we give in & eat pie at Ted's Bakery( we have been waaay too good.) // i got a new computer. my old computer started to smoke & died on the spot. sad day // taylor got the iphone, he is talking to siri & is obsessed//  putting proof stickers every where possible // & we get barreled. sorta...

with it being mother's day today my little brother, Court, who is on a mission in Brazil, got to skype with us! i was so happy to see him & hear how well he is doing. it's such a relief to know these boys are being taken care of & are loving serving the Lord.

the photo is pretty dark, but what can you expect from Brazil? He is a changed man speaking Portuguese & wearing a soccer jersey. 

Since it is Mother's Day I can't leave this post with out saying how much I love my own Mom.
She honestly is amazing. she has sacrificed so much for me & has always been my biggest support & best friend. I could never thank her enough. i am so excited i get to see her in a few days. 
 her & my dad are coming out to Hawaii for my Jr. recital. they are the best. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

tv stars

we are basically tv stars. we were extras on the TV series Hawaii five-0..even though you can't really see our faces & i had to label the pictures for you to make sure you knew it was us, we obviously have a bright future ahead of us in the film industry. i mean LL Cool J is practically looking at me as i walk by, it doesn't get much better than that. 

i would have to say the high light of my day was being in the same place as Jin, if you watch lost you know who i am talking about. taylor and i have invested a lot of time into that tv show. we are currently on season 6 and it is comsuming our lives. i feel like i am all the characters' best friend, and that Jin would warmly greet me as i appeared on set... he didn't get the memo, but i am hoping when i meet Hurley it will be a different story. 

anyway it was a fun experience, got feed delicious food,  walked past the camera for a good 3 hours, got to be only a few feet away from these cool stars and left knowing a check was on its way.. now i just have to figure out how to make this a full time job!