Monday, April 23, 2012

another first day of school

today i had another first day of school. as i started to walk home after a full day of class i realized i potentiality only have two more of these left! i had to capture what was left of these dying days. & so this is what i saw when i turned around to remember my 3rd to last first day of school.

i have always loved well liked/ looked forward to the first day of school. even when i was younger i was one of those kids who liked the structure of school and was excited to get back after summer break.

even today i was anxious to see who my teachers were and what familiar faces i could spot in my classes.
learning today that even in math, teachers like to crack jokes even when most of the audience is staring wide eyed not knowing if is appropriate to laugh... but that is the beauty of BYUH & its going to be a great 6 week term.

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