Monday, April 23, 2012

another first day of school

today i had another first day of school. as i started to walk home after a full day of class i realized i potentiality only have two more of these left! i had to capture what was left of these dying days. & so this is what i saw when i turned around to remember my 3rd to last first day of school.

i have always loved well liked/ looked forward to the first day of school. even when i was younger i was one of those kids who liked the structure of school and was excited to get back after summer break.

even today i was anxious to see who my teachers were and what familiar faces i could spot in my classes.
learning today that even in math, teachers like to crack jokes even when most of the audience is staring wide eyed not knowing if is appropriate to laugh... but that is the beauty of BYUH & its going to be a great 6 week term.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


lanikai is one of my favorite beaches. the water is so clear , the perfect shade of turquoise and the sand is like powder. you can rent kayaks or stand up paddle boards. there are two islands just off the coast called the moke islands. last time we were here taylor & his friends thought it was a good idea to jump off the 85ft cliffs of these islands into the ocean. this was the day i seriously contemplated how i was going to live my life as a 21 year old widow. you can watch the video here & see for yourself what i am talking about.
however this time was stress-free as the boys entertained themselves with a blow up mattress. taylor bought this a few weeks ago and was very anxious to test its abilities. i think its safe to say his expectations were met.
this was also a farewell beach day to our friends, tessa & dan. they have been such good friends to us. we have spent countless hours playing games, going on adventures( hiking,swimming with dolphins, snorkeling) and watching our favorite tv show revenge. (which by the way airs tonight after a long absence!!)
they even talked us into starting lost.- which currently occupies our life.. 
anyway i am  happy for the two recent graduates and jealous they are on their way to thailand as i write this.

Friday, April 13, 2012

spring break

 my week through instagram// "studying" for finals on the beach // lots of acai bowls in the morning
                                               pretty pink sky// what i woke up to easter morning

my spring break has officially begun. i love saying finals are OVER. i can now catch up on gossip girl ( what is going on with blair & dan?) spend all hours of the day on the beach and maybe cook something nice and not eat cereal everyday. even though i am loving my easter special K right now. it will be a good 10 days enjoying hawaii tourist style with out having to worry about dead lines.. then its off to school for 6 weeks before summer really start. until then i will be working on my tan

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ice cream

when you can't have something that begins to be all you think about.. this is me today.
why did i commit to not eat sugar for a whole month when i knew finals would be right around the corner??
studying Wagner and cookies 'n cream ice cream would go great together.....
next time i will be smarter

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

life's better at the beach

 it's a good day when class is cancelled & unexpected beach hours are happily invited into your day. i think all the teachers are avoiding the fact that finals are next week just as much as the students are.
either way, i am happy to be laying on the beach reading for enjoyment & not out of a text book.
i love this place & it defiantly makes life better