Tuesday, March 27, 2012


sorry for the over load of pictures. we just love taking pictures of ourselves I  guess.. us Dames, so vain. i had a three day long weekend. we celebrated Price Kuhio day here in Hawaii. he must of been one great guy cause they gave us a an extra day off to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having right now. Friday night Taylor and I saw Hunger Games with some friends. We had both had read the books and had high hopes for the movie, which I am happy to report were very much fulfilled. we left the movie repeating over & over again "that movie was so good"
On saturday all Taylor wanted was for me to take him on a date. he told me to surprise him. since I crave Thai food all the time I had it in my mind we were going to go to the new Thai place in Haleiwa. but, common to hawaii standards, restaurants can unexpectedly  be closed at any given time- which is why we ended up at Pizza Bob's. i am not even mad, cause the pizza was delicious. as soon i we started eating i couldn't wait to take some home with me to eat sunday morning.- i love cold pizza. but taylor gets anxiety if he sees left overs- & forces himself to stuff every last crumb into his mouth. oh well...
we topped it all off with mochi at scoops of paradise. mochi is the perfect amount of ice cream wrapped into a jelly shell. its a good way to eat a few bits of ice cream with out feeling guilty. it was taylor's first time. he didn't share the same love i have for mochi. once again, oh well..

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  1. ahaha! I just read this and I laughed so hard about Taylor eating every last crumb, Kris gets the same anxiety attacks when he sees leftovers. haha. husbands are funny.