Sunday, March 4, 2012


all weekend long out side my windows have looked like this...

after a long week at school it's depressing to not have any sun or hope of a good beach day. especially when its the 2nd weekend in the row mother nature has been pouring down on us.
but lucky for us the sun is always shinning down on the beaches  in Waikiki!! we took a little ride to town and basked in the sun, now learning boys can only sit on the beach for about 10 minutes before getting antsy to leave... at least i have a little pink on my face to show for it. 
this rain has also been the factor of an embarrassing amount of, The Walking Dead  being played from our laptops. lets just say neither of us have ever seen an episode in our life before Thursday and now i am fully submerged into rick's life & know how to kill a zombie. we have even been swapping survival techniques with our friends if zombies ever take over the world...
i just hope this rain stops soon so my dreams can be of warm sunny days instead zombies invading our apartment.
at least i get a week break from the walking dead after tonight's episode... umm ya we are that far

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