Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pink cheeks

i would just like to say thank you to the sun for showing its self this weekend and beaming its rays down on us.
like i said earlier, its been a little depressing with all the rain that has been going on.  the lack of beach time is now finally being made up. not only with the help of these sunny days we are now experiencing but also because teachers go out of town and cancel class. thank you!!
we went to Hanauma Bay on saturday. it is a beautiful nature reserve that is great for snorkeling.
you can see lots of coral and tropical fish and if you are lucky sea turtles can be found swimming around. we didn't see any this time but i have before in the past. because Hanauma Bay is a nature reserve, if you are a tourist it costs $7 or so to get in. but lucky for us school id's get us in for free.
its a beautiful place and definitely worth seeing

 we were all smiles laying on sand and chasing fish in the ocean & even left with some pink rosy cheeks.
to top it all off we went to costco for lunch. nothing beats costco food after a beach day.


  1. ana! is your swimsuit roxy? and... possibly a bikini?? if so, i just got the same one, but in pink and white :)

  2. yes it is! its one of my favorite swim suits. you will love it

  3. i LOVE that last picture! now i wish we came with you guys. yay for sun!!! also i made a pear salad for dinner last night.. you inspired me.

  4. Just found your blog! I wish we could have an extended honey moon like you two. Miss you!