Thursday, March 8, 2012

not your average waffles

First I must start out with saying, this is not a cooking blog & I don't think anyone should take cooking advice from me. Just the other day I had to google what scallions were. Little did I know they are the same thing as green onions & I had some sitting in my fridge! I am slowing learning & am constantly reading food blogs & health food articles..At the beginning of this year Taylor & I decided to cut out sugar from our diet. Meaning no more candy bars, late night baking or ice cream. all my favorite stuff! Aside from one reward treat at the end of month which results into us feeling like we are about to puke from the sudden sugar over load.
So now I have no choice but to satisfy my sweet tooth in other ways... like these waffles I made this morning

guilt- free. i substituted some of the ingredients for soy milk & apple sauce warmed up agave- nectar & yogurt for syrup and topped with fruit & coconut shavings for a sweet taste.
I am slowing figuring out fruit is just as satisfying as candy can be. weird.
& don't you love our flowery plate? came free with the house.


  1. I love waffles with strawberries! This looks like one of my all time favorites! Have a wonderful week!

  2. great job ana those are awesome subs, im proud of you i wanna try! looks delicious :)