Thursday, March 15, 2012

happy birthday oreo

things haven't been quit as exciting around here lately. last week the rain was non stop. it's pretty depressing living in hawaii with out seeing  the sun for a few days. it takes it out on you. which is why we headed to town last weekend & taylor even let me go shopping because of the lack of blue skies.
 having zero sunlight & getting rained on all day makes us crave junk food- which is the reason why we  haven't been doing so well with our no sugar policy this month. last weekend our friends brought over oreo truffles.
taylor and i may have eaten waaay more than our fair share, but in our defense we did go running the next morning out of guilt.
today at foodland, oreo's 100 birthday was being advertised all over the grocery store & the huge display had the birthday cake oreos on sale! two for one! if you haven't tried these, you, my friend are missing out. cake flavored frosting with sprinkles in the middle of chocolate cookies. it's too good.
so we snatched those right up.
when i walked in the door from school this evening, taylor was in the kitchen crushing up the oreos to make truffles, in no less than his board shorts & a beanie.

thank you oreo for having a birthday
welcome to a typical night in the dame home. tomorrow's forecast is hot & sunny cannot wait.


  1. haha no sugar policy - never ever ever works for me. ever.

  2. feel free to drop some of those by the aframe...