Friday, March 30, 2012

6 months

happy 6 months to us!

until we reach the big year mark, celebrating every month in between seems necessary. taylor puts up with  my constant reminders to how many months we have been married when the 30th rolls around. we even bragged a little & celebrated with a toast when we passed kim kardashian up in married days.
being married is a great thing. especially when your husband is taylor. sometimes we argue, i give him the silent treatment & he jokes until i smile and decide to talk to him again. he always seems to win be back with his boyish charm and loveable smile.
before we got married everyone would always tell me there were going to be a few surprise once we starting living together. but I guess living with 5 brothers prepared me well, because i knew how boys were and i am glad to say there hasn't been any earth shattering surprises about taylor- at least not yet. i am sure that is not the case for him....
i have learned a lot in the past 6 months. sometimes i feel like i know all the marriage secrets being an insider now & other days i look at taylor thinking, you are my husband? i am glad he is.
he even surprised me with flowers & chocolate when i got home from school. i am a lucky girl
so cheers to us for six happy months of marriage & i can't even wait for what the next 6 months will bring.


  1. So cute Ana! Marriage is the best and you guys are an adorable couple. Happy 6 months.

  2. And they said you'd never make it... i'm kidding. When you pass ME up in married days, then you'll have something to brag about. I miss you guys a lot! Love you both- congrats!!

  3. you make it sound like its rough living with me... WHHYYYYYY