Friday, March 30, 2012

6 months

happy 6 months to us!

until we reach the big year mark, celebrating every month in between seems necessary. taylor puts up with  my constant reminders to how many months we have been married when the 30th rolls around. we even bragged a little & celebrated with a toast when we passed kim kardashian up in married days.
being married is a great thing. especially when your husband is taylor. sometimes we argue, i give him the silent treatment & he jokes until i smile and decide to talk to him again. he always seems to win be back with his boyish charm and loveable smile.
before we got married everyone would always tell me there were going to be a few surprise once we starting living together. but I guess living with 5 brothers prepared me well, because i knew how boys were and i am glad to say there hasn't been any earth shattering surprises about taylor- at least not yet. i am sure that is not the case for him....
i have learned a lot in the past 6 months. sometimes i feel like i know all the marriage secrets being an insider now & other days i look at taylor thinking, you are my husband? i am glad he is.
he even surprised me with flowers & chocolate when i got home from school. i am a lucky girl
so cheers to us for six happy months of marriage & i can't even wait for what the next 6 months will bring.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


sorry for the over load of pictures. we just love taking pictures of ourselves I  guess.. us Dames, so vain. i had a three day long weekend. we celebrated Price Kuhio day here in Hawaii. he must of been one great guy cause they gave us a an extra day off to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having right now. Friday night Taylor and I saw Hunger Games with some friends. We had both had read the books and had high hopes for the movie, which I am happy to report were very much fulfilled. we left the movie repeating over & over again "that movie was so good"
On saturday all Taylor wanted was for me to take him on a date. he told me to surprise him. since I crave Thai food all the time I had it in my mind we were going to go to the new Thai place in Haleiwa. but, common to hawaii standards, restaurants can unexpectedly  be closed at any given time- which is why we ended up at Pizza Bob's. i am not even mad, cause the pizza was delicious. as soon i we started eating i couldn't wait to take some home with me to eat sunday morning.- i love cold pizza. but taylor gets anxiety if he sees left overs- & forces himself to stuff every last crumb into his mouth. oh well...
we topped it all off with mochi at scoops of paradise. mochi is the perfect amount of ice cream wrapped into a jelly shell. its a good way to eat a few bits of ice cream with out feeling guilty. it was taylor's first time. he didn't share the same love i have for mochi. once again, oh well..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pink cheeks

i would just like to say thank you to the sun for showing its self this weekend and beaming its rays down on us.
like i said earlier, its been a little depressing with all the rain that has been going on.  the lack of beach time is now finally being made up. not only with the help of these sunny days we are now experiencing but also because teachers go out of town and cancel class. thank you!!
we went to Hanauma Bay on saturday. it is a beautiful nature reserve that is great for snorkeling.
you can see lots of coral and tropical fish and if you are lucky sea turtles can be found swimming around. we didn't see any this time but i have before in the past. because Hanauma Bay is a nature reserve, if you are a tourist it costs $7 or so to get in. but lucky for us school id's get us in for free.
its a beautiful place and definitely worth seeing

 we were all smiles laying on sand and chasing fish in the ocean & even left with some pink rosy cheeks.
to top it all off we went to costco for lunch. nothing beats costco food after a beach day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

happy birthday oreo

things haven't been quit as exciting around here lately. last week the rain was non stop. it's pretty depressing living in hawaii with out seeing  the sun for a few days. it takes it out on you. which is why we headed to town last weekend & taylor even let me go shopping because of the lack of blue skies.
 having zero sunlight & getting rained on all day makes us crave junk food- which is the reason why we  haven't been doing so well with our no sugar policy this month. last weekend our friends brought over oreo truffles.
taylor and i may have eaten waaay more than our fair share, but in our defense we did go running the next morning out of guilt.
today at foodland, oreo's 100 birthday was being advertised all over the grocery store & the huge display had the birthday cake oreos on sale! two for one! if you haven't tried these, you, my friend are missing out. cake flavored frosting with sprinkles in the middle of chocolate cookies. it's too good.
so we snatched those right up.
when i walked in the door from school this evening, taylor was in the kitchen crushing up the oreos to make truffles, in no less than his board shorts & a beanie.

thank you oreo for having a birthday
welcome to a typical night in the dame home. tomorrow's forecast is hot & sunny cannot wait.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

not your average waffles

First I must start out with saying, this is not a cooking blog & I don't think anyone should take cooking advice from me. Just the other day I had to google what scallions were. Little did I know they are the same thing as green onions & I had some sitting in my fridge! I am slowing learning & am constantly reading food blogs & health food articles..At the beginning of this year Taylor & I decided to cut out sugar from our diet. Meaning no more candy bars, late night baking or ice cream. all my favorite stuff! Aside from one reward treat at the end of month which results into us feeling like we are about to puke from the sudden sugar over load.
So now I have no choice but to satisfy my sweet tooth in other ways... like these waffles I made this morning

guilt- free. i substituted some of the ingredients for soy milk & apple sauce warmed up agave- nectar & yogurt for syrup and topped with fruit & coconut shavings for a sweet taste.
I am slowing figuring out fruit is just as satisfying as candy can be. weird.
& don't you love our flowery plate? came free with the house.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


all weekend long out side my windows have looked like this...

after a long week at school it's depressing to not have any sun or hope of a good beach day. especially when its the 2nd weekend in the row mother nature has been pouring down on us.
but lucky for us the sun is always shinning down on the beaches  in Waikiki!! we took a little ride to town and basked in the sun, now learning boys can only sit on the beach for about 10 minutes before getting antsy to leave... at least i have a little pink on my face to show for it. 
this rain has also been the factor of an embarrassing amount of, The Walking Dead  being played from our laptops. lets just say neither of us have ever seen an episode in our life before Thursday and now i am fully submerged into rick's life & know how to kill a zombie. we have even been swapping survival techniques with our friends if zombies ever take over the world...
i just hope this rain stops soon so my dreams can be of warm sunny days instead zombies invading our apartment.
at least i get a week break from the walking dead after tonight's episode... umm ya we are that far