Wednesday, February 8, 2012


last weekend we went exploring. experincing two very different sides of oahu. 
  neither of us had been to "first friday" in chinatown , so we thought why not check it out?
the whole time while we were walking around it felt like we were missing something, like
there was another party going on in China Town we didnt know about. after walking around for an hour or so checking out
local art galleries and boutiques taylor and i jumped back in the car and headed for pizza.

saturday we drove to kaena point. it is the most western point on Oahu. 
taylor has been saying he has always wanted to drive here
big winter waves were crashing against the coast and the sun was beating down. 
monk seals and albatross birds were taking advantage of this lazy saturday 
not noticing the many people pointing cameras in their faces

how was your weekend?

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  1. I love Oahu! My grandparents lived there most of my life, so summer's where always awesome when I would visit! Enjoy your time there! I look forward to reading your blog! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thank you! Yes, Oahu is such a fun place. I love living here. Thank you for reading! have a great week