Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mount Ka'ala

Mount Ka'ala- Oahu's highest point at 4,025 ft. in the Waianae range.
we hiked to the very tip top.
starting off on a paved road we thought- we got this, no big deal.
until the incline got progressively steeper. which should be expected, we are climbing up a mountain. 

lucky for us, ancient hawaiian leaves were at our disposal to wipe the sweat from our brow
the dense forest is a beautiful scenery to keep your focus on.
the half way rest stop was more than appreciated, 
 but our eyes widened as we contemplated how we would reach the top
- little did we know we were going rock climbing

 ... and using computer cables, ropes, phone chords/ anything else attached to the trees 
to pull our body up the mountain
just remember don't look to either side, you are on a cliff, but a beautiful one

 until you reach the top- the trail forces you to climb over walls of boulders & leap up mud hills
but getting to the top is worth it. very very worth it 
don't forget to wipe to your feet before entering the reserve

once reaching the top, there are planks leading to the observatory.
 between the aqua blue moss and the towering plants on either 
side of the trail. This sight looks as if it is right
out of a fairy tale. I kept having to remind
myself, that what i was seeing was indeed realistic and not my imagination. 
when entering the observatory, walk around the fence to get this view
(north shore & west shore in view)

this hike is a combination of many elements
its intense, its challenging, its long(6.5 hours round trip) and requires lots of endurance
but most of all its beautiful with views hardly anyone gets the joy to 
experience, which makes it all worth it

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