Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i must have been really good last week.. or maybe just looking a little bit more
stressed out than usual because when i get home from school, there is something waiting for me. 
 candy? clothes?
better  things like ALL of the dishes done & put away& yesterday the bed was made!( a miracle )
but today was the best of them all, this homemade pineapple salsa was waiting on the counter. 
who is the mysterious person behind this? well taylor of course. this guy is full of surprises
i can't wait for what tomorrow brings. maybe he will even let us in on his recipe, or start cooking dinner, a girl can only dream.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


my blog received a face lift this week. 
i think this is either the 3rd or 4th time i have made adjustments 
in the past few days.
being new to the blogging world, i am constantly looking at others blogs
thinking how do they do that? & reading about html codes. 
i don't know how my homework manages to get done
these days.

 last weekend we went to Makapu'u Lighthouse
its a nice brisk walk along a paved road 
leading up to this gorgeous view 
unfortunately this is as close to the light house as you can get 
but its worth your time if you are in the honolulu area
one tip: it is WINDY

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mount Ka'ala

Mount Ka'ala- Oahu's highest point at 4,025 ft. in the Waianae range.
we hiked to the very tip top.
starting off on a paved road we thought- we got this, no big deal.
until the incline got progressively steeper. which should be expected, we are climbing up a mountain. 

lucky for us, ancient hawaiian leaves were at our disposal to wipe the sweat from our brow
the dense forest is a beautiful scenery to keep your focus on.
the half way rest stop was more than appreciated, 
 but our eyes widened as we contemplated how we would reach the top
- little did we know we were going rock climbing

 ... and using computer cables, ropes, phone chords/ anything else attached to the trees 
to pull our body up the mountain
just remember don't look to either side, you are on a cliff, but a beautiful one

 until you reach the top- the trail forces you to climb over walls of boulders & leap up mud hills
but getting to the top is worth it. very very worth it 
don't forget to wipe to your feet before entering the reserve

once reaching the top, there are planks leading to the observatory.
 between the aqua blue moss and the towering plants on either 
side of the trail. This sight looks as if it is right
out of a fairy tale. I kept having to remind
myself, that what i was seeing was indeed realistic and not my imagination. 
when entering the observatory, walk around the fence to get this view
(north shore & west shore in view)

this hike is a combination of many elements
its intense, its challenging, its long(6.5 hours round trip) and requires lots of endurance
but most of all its beautiful with views hardly anyone gets the joy to 
experience, which makes it all worth it

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


i have to do this,
i know there have been so many pictures of
flowers, chocolate,red lips and kisses
and well, here are so more. 
just cause my  husband knows the way to my heart 

freshly picked hawaiian flowers
curry from haleiwa eats 
martinelli's and macadamia chocolates on the beach
& homemade heart ice cream sandwiches 

i love valentines day. hope yours was great

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


my awesome husband edited this video of our adventure. enjoy!!

let's swim with the wild dophins

Taylor & I woke up at the delightful hour of 5:30 am to meet some friends and head to the west side.
Nothing was for sure, but we were all in high hopes to spot dolphins.
Although, Taylor did call a dolphin touring agency the day before to make sure it was good "dolphin swimming season." The lady on the phone was very helpful letting us know all the places the dolphins possibly could be, along with asking $130 to come sorry we will drive ourselves, thanks.
We drove along the west coast searching for fins or tails, but the only ones we saw 
were attached to a surf board.
Sick of driving up and down the coast, Taylor got out and asked a tour group getting ready to go out on a boat if they had any ideas of where the dolphins could be. The guide was very hesitant to answer and acted like he had no clue.. wanting to keep the secret of the dolphins all to his tour group.
Too bad for him we jumped back in the car and soon spotted bright yellow tour boats. The boats stopped & gathered in the same area, that was our clue the dolphins had arrived.
Pulling on our swimsuits, we gathered our snorkeling gear &
swam out from Electric Beach. 
 MANY Japanese tourists were being led by Hawaiian tour guides & after swimming only about ten minutes we were all mixed up with them. When the first few dolphins swam by, we didn't think twice before swimming as fast as we could after them. The tour guides were upset we had a better view & shouted, " We have a lot of money in the water! Do not chase the dolphins!" ..okay? Taylor shouted back letting him know we got it. This conversation escalated until Taylor ended it with, " I am a photographer!"
 well here are our moments with the dolphins, thanks to the "photographer"

Ever since moving to Hawaii, I have become more & more intrigued with these fascinating creatures.
The ocean is an enormous and mysterious place &
I felt honored to experience a few moments in the home of these beauties. 
No reason pay an over priced tour guide. all you need is some patience, snorkel gear and ride to Electric Beach at 5:30am.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


last weekend we went exploring. experincing two very different sides of oahu. 
  neither of us had been to "first friday" in chinatown , so we thought why not check it out?
the whole time while we were walking around it felt like we were missing something, like
there was another party going on in China Town we didnt know about. after walking around for an hour or so checking out
local art galleries and boutiques taylor and i jumped back in the car and headed for pizza.

saturday we drove to kaena point. it is the most western point on Oahu. 
taylor has been saying he has always wanted to drive here
big winter waves were crashing against the coast and the sun was beating down. 
monk seals and albatross birds were taking advantage of this lazy saturday 
not noticing the many people pointing cameras in their faces

how was your weekend?

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Friday, February 3, 2012

clean house

I came home from school today with the intention of dropping my backpack on the floor, strapping a swim suit on & heading to the beach for the rest of the sunning afternoon. but.... I got held up. I starting cleaning! I noticed a blanket of sand was forming on the bottom of my feet from walking around, suit cases were still being used as a dresser and too many flies were looking a little too cozy by our trash can. Now after almost a month of living here, our things are finally finding their place.

nothings says happy like a pineapple from the farmers market on a clean counter.