Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend ambition

The other night Taylor requested a feast....his deffinition, " at least 3 items on the table." I guess I have been depriving him by cooking only one thing.
weren't we cutting back on calories anyway?
I took him up on his challenge & went to look at my pinboard to see what qualified as a "feast."  I was feeling very ambitious at the moment when I came across this...Our version of Cafe Rio Sweet Pork.
Yup, this is it.
The pork seemed easy but the pork alone wouldn't taste right so I made it all. A WHOLE PORK SALAD.
from scratch, even our askew tortillas.

someone get me on Rachael Ray

the final product

tay enjoying his sunday feast

I was proud to call this dinner my own & know my hands provided it.
It was straight out of Cafe Rio-  basically spot on.
The only down side? $$$$. lame exported foods from the mainland. 

On another note... this was my Saturday.

huge waves at Keikies beach


  1. hahaha I love this. Way to throw in your saturday! :)

  2. hey had to somehow! make a blog so i can stalk your life ha