Sunday, January 22, 2012


this word seems to be an on going theme since I have been married. For those of you who know me, know that my cooking skills consist of: cold cereal, mac & cheese and chocolate milk.  My mother, being a very accomplished house wife/ cook, knew the importance of learning to cook. She would ask, bribe, and even beg me to cook something! Which usually lead to me opting out and deciding I would be on table setting and dish duty instead replying with the comment, " I can read a recipe when I need to cook."
Now that I am married, I have come to the realization that Taylor can not live on my special K diet. He requires food! real food!
Since, I can not get enough of food blogs, pintrest, and my mother's cook books she has hand written for me. -  she is a great mother, always looking out for mine and Taylor's well being.

                                                           Yes. Today I made this. Awesome recipe found here.

If I can do it- honestly anyone can. I hate to admit it, but its kinda fun. Thankfully for Taylor, he can slowing stop worrying every night will be cereal night. 

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