Monday, January 30, 2012


i ran 3.5 miles today with out stopping
today is my four month anniversary to my wonderful husband
tomorrow is the last day of the month & the first day this year i get eat a sugary treat ( i have been dreaming of pazookies since jan. 1st)
i am one happy girl

Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend ambition

The other night Taylor requested a feast....his deffinition, " at least 3 items on the table." I guess I have been depriving him by cooking only one thing.
weren't we cutting back on calories anyway?
I took him up on his challenge & went to look at my pinboard to see what qualified as a "feast."  I was feeling very ambitious at the moment when I came across this...Our version of Cafe Rio Sweet Pork.
Yup, this is it.
The pork seemed easy but the pork alone wouldn't taste right so I made it all. A WHOLE PORK SALAD.
from scratch, even our askew tortillas.

someone get me on Rachael Ray

the final product

tay enjoying his sunday feast

I was proud to call this dinner my own & know my hands provided it.
It was straight out of Cafe Rio-  basically spot on.
The only down side? $$$$. lame exported foods from the mainland. 

On another note... this was my Saturday.

huge waves at Keikies beach

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is our new car
His name is Monty
He gets us around the island
Places near & places far.

He doesn't complain about the sand on his seats
the daily trips to school 
or the blazing heat.

Having a car in Hawaii is real neat. 

complete with a family of flip flops

Sunday, January 22, 2012


this word seems to be an on going theme since I have been married. For those of you who know me, know that my cooking skills consist of: cold cereal, mac & cheese and chocolate milk.  My mother, being a very accomplished house wife/ cook, knew the importance of learning to cook. She would ask, bribe, and even beg me to cook something! Which usually lead to me opting out and deciding I would be on table setting and dish duty instead replying with the comment, " I can read a recipe when I need to cook."
Now that I am married, I have come to the realization that Taylor can not live on my special K diet. He requires food! real food!
Since, I can not get enough of food blogs, pintrest, and my mother's cook books she has hand written for me. -  she is a great mother, always looking out for mine and Taylor's well being.

                                                           Yes. Today I made this. Awesome recipe found here.

If I can do it- honestly anyone can. I hate to admit it, but its kinda fun. Thankfully for Taylor, he can slowing stop worrying every night will be cereal night. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Over the weekend Taylor and I managed to escape to Kauai. Partly because there was no school on Monday and mostly because my parents were there and willing to share a condo with us for a few days. I  love when my family comes to visit Oahu. Becoming a personal tour guide and experiencing the beauty of the island with new eyes makes me fall in love with Hawaii again and again. But this time, it was me who had the first timers experience.

who is this mountain man?

Kauai is a beautiful sight. I can't wait to see it again 

Friday, January 13, 2012

we're back

Here we are once again, caught between the ocean and the green covered mountains,

 back between homework.......

and the blazing sun calling you to the beach

between the little circle and the library. We're back.

Hello Hawaii. Its been so good to see you again. I think I will stay for a while.