Friday, December 21, 2012

recent happenings

   this post is all about me. as you can see from the pictures. but every once in a while i am allowed to brag for just a second. first- i put on my senior recital- this was my huge- going out with a bang- project. I memorized 45 min worth of music in 4 languages. it was time consuming & harder than i could imagine but i did it & couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out. i worked on it for  7 months & all my practicing finally paid off. not to mention it was a blessing to have family in the audience. my parents, taylor's mom & grandma flew out just to see me. my cousin kelsey with her husband( who was there because of a pure christmas miracle) filmed it for me. I can't wait to watch it. thank you!

second- i graduated! I am now an official college graduate! graduation was more fun than i anticipated. i got showered with leis and shook elder bednar's hand. it doesn't get cooler than that. i am so grateful for my time spent at BYUH. i know my experiences there will be with me for a life time. coming as a freshman i couldn't have begun to imagine the hard/amazing/ best experiences i have ever had. i grew more & expanded my mind than ever thought possible. thank to everyone who supported me!

aloha 'oe hawaii

Monday, December 10, 2012

christmas time

one thing I look forward to all semester long is campus decorated for Christmas. Nothing makes me more excited than to see the lights set up around the McKay center. palm trees & Christmas lights are the perfect combo. I am defiantly noticing & appreciate the Hawaiian Christmas spirit more since we are leaving in 8 days. yup 8 days. - our little house looks nothing like Chistmas so I am glad I can admire the lights and trees from another source.

over the weekend I also had my last choir concert. This year we had the opportunity to perform Handel's Messiah. We all known the familiar tunes, "Hallelujah" and "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" but as we dove in to each piece, I was amazed by the power behind each song. I learned more about the birth of our Savior and how special it was. Being apart of the Messiah was a perfect way for me to start off the holiday season.

- Taylor tells me I look like an ice princess wearing my choir dress. I know he wishes I could take it home. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


I love Thanksgiving. I love all holidays but having school off makes this one that much better. We ate dinner with our ward and then once again with a whole group of friends. Our dinner was on the beach & was set up like fall on the main land with an ocean view. It was impressive & perfect. It was a relaxed day with lots of food.We were lucky enough to have Taylor's parents on the island for a few days. We loved showing them around & watching them jump off Maunawili waterfall. I got to spend time with my sister & her family as well. ( although not pictured) I am grateful for family & having them here in Hawaii.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5 weeks

sometimes it only takes a 20 minute hike & a day with awesome friends to realize how lucky you are.

today it felt like I got hit with a baseball bat. A huge smack on the head that reminded me my time here is running short. at times I feel ready to move on & am excited for the future ( as unknown as it might be). but sadness eventually seeps in. I feel my heart ache. the anxiety of leaving this beautiful place makes me want to close my eyes, squeeze these moments by the hand & pretend I never have to leave.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

birthday boy

26 candles on the cake
dozens of sushi rolls eaten
4 friends to celebrate with
1 awesome birthday celebration

I am so grateful Taylor was born & that I get to be a part of his life. He was spoiled & am pretty sure he enjoyed every second of it. I made a chocolate peanut butter Reese's ice cream cake that could beat any ice cake any day.  I love this boy & am happy I get to celebrate him for a whole day.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

this is halloween

                    zombie doll(?) & white trash hick                                                        twins

Taylor absolutely loves Halloween. Mostly because his birthday is the next day ( today! happy birthday)& lots of candy is involved.... two day non stop sugar rush. It's his favorite holiday for a good reason.

We went to our first annual married couples Halloween night dinner party. Lots of pasta and fake eyeballs all around. I now know that married people with out children still can have fun on Halloween. It's crazy, but true. But... I still wouldn't mind borrowing a small child for the night to go trick or treating

now for more candy & a birthday celebration. the party & sugar never stops

Monday, October 29, 2012

fall in a bowl

 as you know from reading my last post ( or maybe you don't know) I miss FALL. the clothes, smells, crisp air, leaves... everything. 

in my attempt to feel more fallish & to get in the spirit of the season, I made butternut squash soup. this is comfort food at its finest. I was introduced to this particular soup a few months ago. I have already made it a few times and plan on making it a few more. find the recipe on my friend's food blog feeding chase. It is so good & brings the smell of fall with it. & i just love the color, you can't beat that.  It is fall in a bowl & as close as I will get to it

Sunday, October 21, 2012


it is fall on the mainland & we can't help but be a little jealous that we don't get to enjoy this season. well at least I can't. I love Hawaii but sometimes a little change is good. I just want to drink hot chocolate without sweating profusely.I want eat pumpkin bread from kneaders & their broccoli soup. I want drive the alpine loop admiring the leaves changing colors. someone please do these things for me.

We saw this perfect fall display at whole foods and couldn't resist. Hence the Dame Autumn family photos.

I will still drink hot chocolate a few times a week and cook chili.. we will die with sweat, but it won't matter, cause I wanna enjoy these things in October - the nestle caramel hot chocolate is my new favorite. heat it up with vanilla soy milk... so good. Until December, we will enjoy our last few months of constant sunshine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

a few weeks ago taylor approached with me the idea of starting to run together again.- we first tried when we moved to Hawaii, it lasted for a good two weeks. i am not a runner and would rather do any other type of exercise than run. its hard and boring.. he promised me that if i ran with him for three weeks, i would have a change of heart towards running.

 after two weeks of going four days a week, taylor thought  he was ready for a half marathon. - i thought we were still working towards mile 4.. he ran a half marathon at gun stock ranch two years ago and wanted to do it again. So he did, and did awesome. our friend matt- who is a runner by trade- paced taylor the whole time and like a good friend stayed with him the whole 13.1 miles!
i ran to the finish line from our house to see taylor finish. i was just sweaty enough that no one questioned me as i took my share of drinks from the snack table.

 i am not convinced i like running yet, but it is always a good time when you & your husband are wearing the same length of shorts

Thursday, October 4, 2012

one year

 we did it. we surpassed our one year mark which bumped us from the newly wed category to just wed. & I am ok with that. Newly or not I like being married.

Taylor may deny it but he is a romantic & is full of surprises with with each little celebration we have. Since our anniversary was on a Sunday and clearly booked with the usual church activities as well as the season premiere of Revenge, we celebrated on Saturday. I came home from the gym to find my rose sitting on the counter. My "final rose" & I was more than happy to be treated like the "bachlorette" for a day - we all know how spoiled they are. After a good morning of pumpkin pancakes & the beach we drove to Honolulu.

Taylor made us reservations at a restaurant in Waikiki over looking the ocean & made sure we got there just in time for sunset. It was beautiful! Sandwiched between diamond head & the ocean we were dining happy. And just because it was our anniversary our server gave us all the desserts on the menu to try. It was heavenly.

Before I got married I remember people telling me the first year is always the hardest. I don't know what it is, maybe its the fact we live in Hawaii, have been blessed to travel, our great friends & family or just plain we love each other, but this year has been one of my best so far. Now on to year two & creating another "best".

Friday, September 21, 2012


 Yes I did , I did turn the ever anticipated age of 22.( notice all the peace signs) I was sad to leave 21 behind. It was a good year, we have good run. I got married, traveled and moved back to Hawaii. What was not to love? So far 22 has been off to a great start.

The morning of my birthday- Taylor made me pancakes while I was at the gym.
He showered me with gifts and sent me off the school with a sneaky grin on his face.
Once I came home, we went to turtle beach. It was our lucky day! There were tons of turtles sun bathing and just waiting around to say happy birthday. After the beach he took me to my favorite Thai restaurant and ended the night with friends singing to me and eating oreo ice-cream cake made especially for me from Taylor. What a great guy.I was one happy 22 year old.

That wasn't the end.... it is birthday week around here. The weekend after my day Taylor took me bowling- it's a weird thing we both enjoy.Surprised me a with a shopping trip and took me costco. - we love costco.I had the best day/week. All i have to say is thank you to Taylor, who is the best husband ever! & thank you to my friends who made my day that much better!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

kayak kauai

 Taylor has been wanting to kayak the Na Pali coast in Kauai for months. Every so often he would casually bring it up to make sure I hadn't forgotten & was still on board. Last week, we did it. With the Roberts, we kayaked the 16 mile coast line. We spent three days making our journey from one end to the other.

The first day we kayaked four hours. It was a new experience for my arms. Good thing Taylor has enough strength for the both of us, or I would still be kayaking in a circle getting nowhere.
The one advantage to kayaking- you are constantly staring at the most beautiful mountains. There were caves we got to paddle through & explore while the tour boats don't. The boys took advantage of every opportunity to jump from every cliff possible.- i wish i could show you the videos but the ocean stole taylor's go pro, it was a sad loss.

We camped on Kalalau beach- which is equipped with enough guavas & hippies for a lifetime. We hiked around the valley, finding various swimming holes & waterfalls. Taylor got pretty good at making peanut butter, chocolate chip, marshmallow tortillas and warming my veggie soup by the fire. I became proud of my newly found camping skills ( not saying I want to practice those again anytime soon- i like my bed) & successfully boarded two flights with out any identification- though I do not recommend it.
I am happy we got to do this & with great friends paddling along with. It was beautiful & a perfect way to end our summer.