Tuesday, February 11, 2014


From London, came Paris. We almost didn't make our flight. I thought for sure this would be our first time missing a flight. The bus we scheduled to take us to the London airport never came. We waited a good 40 min before deciding it was never coming. Luckily there was another bus near by that wanted our business and quickly took us to the airport. We ran to the gate just as everyone was boarding.

Paris was so good to us. I love everything about this place. The architecture was amazing. While walking the streets, look up. There is so much to see. Of course, I was excited to see the typical tourist places and eat nutella creeps (which became a daily occurrence), but what I enjoyed most was exploring the streets and learning more about Parisian charm while on our walking tours. Again, I love them. We did four while we were in Paris.

    ^ if it looks like I am wearing the same outfit in every picture, its because I am. Taylor kept telling me to pack lighter. So I have one pair of shoes, one coat and one scarf. Multiple layers were needed everyday. It was freezing!^

We saved the Eiffel Tower for the last day while we were in Paris. It was pouring rain all day! We did get to take the elevator up, which helped the situation. But it rained the whole time at the tower- which is why there are no pictures of the view. We couldn't see it!
I guess everything can't go as planned.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

let's try this again

Hello, world. The last time I blogged was during the summer about cookies. Now I am craving those cookies. Which is inconvenient for me because once again we are ovenless. We lived with out one before and we can/ will do it again. Since July many changes have happened in our life. To name a few- we went to India, moved to AZ and Taylor started grad school. I am not going to try and document passed events, I am just going to start again from where we are now. Madrid, Spain. We are here for Taylor to go to school. He is doing a semester abroad and I am very happy about the location choice. Thank you Thunderbird! Before we arrived in Spain (yesterday!) we flew to Europe a week early to visit a few places I have been dying to see.  Our first stop was London. Before, London was a charming and sophisticated place in my mind ( probably because of the accents).

          ^^The London eye. A farris wheel that takes 30 min to go completely around. Apparently at the top is the best view of London. Sadly, we did not experience it. Also pictured- Elizabeth's tower housing Big Ben as it rings every hour, accompanying the Palace of Westminster aka House of Parliament. ^^

         ^^ we did indeed make our way to King's Cross. What kind of Harry Potter fans would be if we did not try to pass through platform 9 3/4 to make our way to Hogwarts? ^^

     ^^ The tower bridge. Most people think this is London bridge ( which is nothing special). Did you know the original London bridge is now in Arizona? Too bad it looks nothing like this. ^^

    ^^ Buckingham Palace. Sadly there were no sightings of the Queen, William, Kate, baby George or Harry. Come to find out none of them live in London. The Buckingham Palace does not provide enough space for the Queen to ride her horses.^^

I would suggest to anyone who travels to Europe, to find a free walking tour. Your can use Google to find different walking tour companies in the area and where they meet. In my opinion, they are one of the best ways to experience the city and learn while you are doing it. At the end, you tip your guide depending on how well you liked them. I learned many facts about London I wouldn't have known other wise and saw things I wouldn't have noticed before. I love walking tours.

London was well worth our time. We only spent two in a half days there, but I feel like I got to see just about everything I wanted. The only down side to London was not about the place itself, but our airbnb accommodations! Upon arrival we learned the heater and hot water were not working. Carefully washing my hair, leaning over the tub as to not splash any ice cold water on me, was quite a task. By night 3 all heaters and furnaces returned to working order. No more sponge bathing or cold nights. It was the best way to end our stay.

 Until next time, London.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

i deserve a medal

yesterday a monumental thing happened for me that needs to be documented. I baked cookies that did not suck and were actually really good!  Taylor even admitted it & that means a lot. ( he is too honest sometimes about my cooking/baking skills.)

I bought a couple of chocolate chip cookies at a cafe downtown and was super happy about my purchased when they soon became the best cookies I have ever had. Since then I have not stopped thinking about them. A couple weeks later during my nightly ritual of blog reading, I came across this recipe . I am convinced Sally is a baking genius. They tasted just like the cookies I ate at the cafe- soft, chewy, thick and slightly doughy. All the good qualities a CCC should have. I have never been happier from a baking endeavor. Thank you Sally. I will defiantly bake these again. Not only did I finally bake something tasteful; I learned new baking secrets and how to correctly measure. (I have been doing it wrong this whole time! who knew.)

Conclusion: Make these cookies today & you too will be thanking Sally for posting her recipe on the world wide web after you taste how amazingly good they are.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the time I pet a tiger

 Taylor and I watched the Life of Pi over the weekend. I recognized Pi's fear in Richard Parker as the same fear I had when I entered that massive tiger's cage. My heart has never beat so fast. I was sure he was going to pounce at any moment. Thailand has all sorts of animal encounters and petting tigers was one we could not pass by.( ironically I even had a tiger shirt on)  We saw the adult, medium and baby tigers. Those poor sedated animals had no clue what was going on.  The workers came into the cages with us to make sure we didn't touch their faces. Taylor got really intimate with the tiger. They cuddled for a while- Taylor's choice of course.
 Pretty sure if the workers weren't watching my every move I would have swooped up that baby and carried him home. Just like the baby elephant from this post

Friday, April 19, 2013


I have seen this video being posted on facebook & on a few blogs I follow. I love this video & felt I needed to pass on the message.

As women we are hard on ourselves. I don't know about the rest of you but I am constantly thinking about what I wish I could change about my body or the mental list of clothes & shoes I have to buy in order to look good. With our lives being plastered all over the internet from every social media outlet, it is hard not to compare yourself to others & think about why you or your life doesn't look a certain way. We truly are our own worse critic.

When I think about my life from an eternal perspective. I realize how blessed I am & to not be so hard on myself. We are all daughters of God. He created us in his imagine. We are beautiful. However, sometimes it helps to hear the encouraging words from others to boost up my confidence & feel good in my own skin. This video did that for me & I hope it does the same for you.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Here are a few snap shots from our recent very short trip to Atlanta. We went down there for a trade show. ( to show off all the amazingly cool products Proof has to offer) It was just Taylor and I that went down. It was a first for me, meaning staying in the booth for the whole time! When traffic got slow I read a book & must have been really sucked in because I didn't even notice Young Jezzy & his entourage admiring Proof from inside my booth! The people in the booth across from me had to fill me in once he left. Sorry Young Jezzy, but I probably wouldn't have even recognized you if I wasn't reading.

We got to stay with Taylor's brother who lives there and play with their cute little girl the whole time. We saw the coke museum & drank wayyyy too many free sodas from the free style machine. Went to the aquarium which was amazing! They had a dolphin show and a beluga whale. High light of the trip. Had my first taste of Blue Bell ice cream & spent time with some friends who live there. All in all we just had a great time.

Friday, April 5, 2013

bike ride

                                                       (don't mind my morning bed head aka looking bald)

The Easter bunny came early & delivered our bikes. Apparently having a bike in Boise, especially in our neighborhood, says a lot about your character. It is the socially acceptable and "cool thing" to do.  Being new comers we had to jump on board. It also doesn't hurt that there are tons of bike trials and this pretty river to ride on. I imagine as summer gets closer the Green Belt, as the locals call it, is going to become greener and more visually appealing. I can't wait.

We tried out our new bikes Saturday morning. There was the perfect amount of sunshine  for a Spring morning and we got in just enough exercise to feel good about our selves for the day. Taylor was getting hot and sweaty in his button up flannel shirt (it is hard being hipster) & I took it as a sign to pack away the heavy winter clothes and welcome spring weather with short sleeves & shoes with no socks.